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  • Category Social
  • Program license Free
  • Version 4.3.4
  • Size 91 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Program available in English
  • Content rating Mature 17+
  • Package name
    750 N San Vicente Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069

Blued is a social networking app designed for members of the LGBTQ+ community.


Blued, a popular app in the LGBTQ+ community, is a free social networking tool that offers live broadcasting capabilities and a space for users to interact in a safe and welcoming environment. Developed by Blue City Holdings Co., Ltd., this Android app serves as a platform where users can share their thoughts, join live streams, and connect with people worldwide.

Functionality and Features

One of the main features of Blued is the ability to go live or join live streams. Users can broadcast their life, share their moments, and earn rewards. The app also includes a video call feature that fosters deeper connections among users.

Building on the idea of creating a welcoming space, Blued also encourages users to share their thoughts, photos, and videos on their personal feeds. The app's easy-to-use interface ensures that users can quickly navigate through different profiles and posts.

User Experience

Blued has received mixed reviews from users. Some praise the app for providing a platform that has allowed them to make valuable connections. As one user mentioned, they were able to find "two diamond friends" through the app. This positive feedback suggests that Blued can indeed be a valuable tool for forming meaningful relationships within the LGBTQ+ community.

However, other users have raised concerns about the presence of fake profiles, which is a common issue among social networking apps. These users expressed their disappointment over encounters with users exhibiting negative attitudes. These reviews highlight the importance of user safety and the need for mechanisms to verify the authenticity of profiles on the app.


Overall, Blued performs well. It runs smoothly and doesn't consume excessive resources, making it a reliable app for most Android devices. However, like any other social networking app, the user experience could be affected by an unstable internet connection.


In conclusion, Blued is an interactive and user-friendly social networking app designed specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. However, the presence of fake profiles is a concern that needs to be addressed to enhance user safety and experience.


  • Offers a platform for the LGBTQ+ community to interact and connect.
  • Features live broadcasting and video call features.
  • Enables sharing of thoughts, photos, and videos on personal feeds.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • Presence of fake profiles.
  • User experience may be affected by an unstable internet connection.

-New version includes bug fixes and improvements